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I have a 4'x 4' square foot garden. I have 18 beds I've created for the purpose of education for our community. in these 4'x4' beds I create pvc trelis for plants like squash(butternut or acorn) cucumbers and sweet pea. in front I might grow hot peppers and in front raddishs. I uploaded this program to illistrate to our students how the garden is assembled. To guide them into what crops go in what beds,how to prepare and when we plan on planting. I need a kind of visual map of the garden. Is this program cappable of doing this. please over look my miss spelling. I also have an active communiy composting system. I have a cold fram and plan on a vertical hern and strawberry garden on a wall. can this program do these things?


Aspargus is coming along pretty good. I thought for sure I ruined the seeds because I soaked them for about 72 hours instead of overnight.

John Ehrling Looks great! Asparagus takes forever to grow.

Starting with a BLANK SLATE—almost nothing growing but scattered weeds and grass and some purposefully sown Dutch White Clover. We have very heavy clay, here in central NC.
Wondering if anyone else has experimented with planting clover…

Planted blackberries two years ago and they struggle to establish themselves. Finally, this year looks like they’ve settled in. Lots of flowers so I’m hoping to harvest a big crop. But will the birds let me?

Growing lots of culinary and medicinal herbs. Lots of 5-gallon bucket vegetables getting ready to transplant.

John Ehrling Awesome! Any photos?

John Ehrling
Created a new video Mulch season!

Sliding into mulch season

Hey guys here is some updated pics of our garden. But can y’all plz tell me what’s wrong with our corn!!!!????

John Ehrling Hi Kristy, are you planting in too much shade? It looks like a big tree is part of your corn patch. Also, some trees can give off toxins.

Blank canvas

Just planning a square foot garden. What are you working on?

Carolyn Jensen That was our goal for this year, but has been just too much to be done in our yard that we are putting off until next year.
Will be following your garden, though! Living vicariously….

New on the Zesty Table Blog: a preview of what we are planting in the greenhouse!>