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I love growing roses but have never grown something like this. Have any of your successfully planted multi-colored roses?

I’m new to growing from seed. This is my current setup and I think it’s working. Some of seedlings are leggy but I’m hoping they will survive. It seems to me they are growing slowly or maybe I’m impatient. Do you fertilize your seedlings? If so, what do you use?

Hilary McDaniel The lights need to be no more than 2” above the seed

Stacy Thank you!

Mr Rose I use an organic compost I make in my backyard

So true! [:healthycarrot]

Does anyone have experience growing microgreens on bamboo paper towels? I'd love to pick your brain! The only way I'll be able to keep up with it is if I can have the ease of the paper towels, I understand yield may be less but this is personal use and not a big deal. It's worth the sacrifice in some yield to me to not have to deal with coco coir. Thanks!

Hey ya'll!

If you have not had a chance to check out the group section, I encourage you to take a look! There are some great groups there including the one I run:

The Homesteading and Farming Community.

I really believe being part of a community really excels our passion and skills for what we love. Also, everyone can share their experiences and advice with other members of the group. It makes it much easier to engage in conversations as well.

Create your own group or find one your interested in! It's a great feature <3

Lizzie beautiful! The yellow ones are my fav.