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Help! Something is eating my tomato plant. Need to stop it before it gets to the other ones. What can it be?

Had a big electrical storm last night that caused a power outage. The raccoons got through the electric fence due to the outage and feasted on my corn 😓 That's gardening for ya!

Esmeralda Kadilliu Ohh that was fast!

My first cut this sea


I store seeds in old containers (Talenti Gelato are my favorite) and keep them refrigerated. I had seeds from 12 years ago germinate this year! Seeds are on sale now, so stock up and keep them in the fridge [:healthyeggplant] [:healthypepper] [:healthypeas]

A. E. Wow. Great idea

Look what we have here!

This is how I protect a lime tree from the birds.
They love to eat the fruit when they are small

Brooke That looks like a great idea. What is it exactly?

GolfingDad I purchased the tree netting on Amazon
They have lots is sizes and styles

GolfingDad One downside of the net , it doesn’t let much water pass through, so you have to water by hand