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As a garden communicator, I subscribe to a plethora of different catalogs, newsletters, and digital diaries, each one delivering a different perspective on how to design, create, and implement a cheerful landscape in any season. Reading garden catalogs brings me great pleasure. Most include a parade of pictures of plants in their prime. Here's a list of my favorite garden catalogs as well as photos of my plants. Happy Gardening!

John Ehrling Thanks for sharing!

Happy Spring! [:healthystrawberry]

Bamboo bamboo bamboo. I live in the far nothwoods of Wisconsin and am looking for the toughest fastest growing plant there is. It doesnt need to be tall, The primary use is windbreak and habitat. I have ten acres in the center of about 400 acres that i want to get the western half started up , 100% full sign. This site was recommended by a Bamboo Guru in Tennessee i saw on youtube, older hippy guy with long gray hair. He recommended this nursery, thanks for the help

Some indoor growing. Lots of begonias, and some assorted vegetables.

Jillian very nice

Lemon Balm

John Ehrling Nice. I also love the view!

Jillian Thank you.

What’s grow’in on in your garden?