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More from the heirloom seed expo!

Esmeralda Aga Were there any seeds for sale? Looks like a gardeners paradise! [:healthystrawberry]

Saw this at the heirloom seed expo.

Almost end of the season…a little sad about that! Anyone else feeling the same?

Yaniv There’s always fall planting! 🍁🍁🍁

Doing some pruning today!

John Ehrling Nice. I need to trim my trees and hedges too!

Jo A. Nice flower! 😍

Liza Thanks! A strap leaf vanda orchid and its name is patchara delight 😊

Healthy roots are critical indicators of the overall health and survival of plants, trees, and people! Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her legacy roots both in the garden and in life!

Brett Figueroa Beautiful picture!

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Anyone know what this pod like thing is that is growing within my cherry tomato plant? It is on a vine and smells a bit like a pepper….

Esmeralda Aga That's interesting. It looks like some type of string bean. Now I'm curious...

Brett Figueroa You wouldn't happen to have a photo with the type of leaf structures, shapes, or margins by chance would you

Why are there no cherry trees in the hortisketch?

John Ehrling Hi Lynn, which types do you grow? Send an email to and we can add some for you!

Summer is ending with a big sigh....Gardening was a difficult chore and I don't like to talk that way but really...We just about drown in rain this spring and summer and it's done havoc with the tomato and squash plot. I was able to save the garlic, onions, peppers and greens but tomatoes, cukes and squash were a wash out. I'm 75 1/2 yrs and this summer really made me see how hard it is to continue with such a large garden so I'm closing down one of my biggest plots. I'll find organic growers and purchase bushels of food from them to can. I still have the strength to can....put up 14 pints of pickled peppers today. Tomorrow brings a day of canning tomatoes from a farm stand. Need my canned toms' to last the winter. Don't worry...I'll keep my smaller garden for beans and such plus I have my fantastic herb bed. Gardening is in my blood, I love it, even weeding. It's a place where I can loose myself in thought, relax and listen to the birds feeding their young....even watch baby bunnies grow up. Watching hummingbirds fly around the yard, sipping at their feeders while I relax under the umbrella fills my heart.

I hope other families had better luck with their garden. In peace, love and laughter, I say have a glorious fall and winter. It'll be here to soon for me.
🎃 ⛄ 💜