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Anyone else eagerly awaiting the gardening season? I am, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone on our new phone app!

More from the heirloom seed expo!

Esmeralda Aga Were there any seeds for sale? Looks like a gardeners paradise! [:healthystrawberry]

Saw this at the heirloom seed expo.

Our app for this community just released on ios, give it a download! Look up Garden Savvy in the app store.

Have you tried GardenAI? GardenAI can answer all our gardening questions!

Look at these hostas blooming!

Two-Tasty tomatoes in my garden. I love the blue stripe!

Posting from our upcoming phone app for the community! I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!

Bren can't wait!

Tricia H H Hello, I absolutely agree! I've placed two planters of them next to two entrance doors of my home, works great.

How is everyones garden today?

Donna G Got a late start to garden this year as daughter was moving in with us. Now she is moved and can focus on garden. Planting a little at a time. So excited to get started.