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How is everyones garden today?

Too funny!

Good morning. How is everyones gardens? What are you growing?

Any cat owners?

I wrote an article on growing garlic, check it out!

Heather Stone Thank you for this!!

Indoor seedlings are sprouting! Any of you starting indoors?

Bren Haas looking good!!!!

Esmeralda Aga Is that tomato? I need to catch up!

Amber Yep! I get daily pictures from my husband of new happenings in the mornings when he goes to the home office to work haha.

What’s grow’in on in your garden?

Camp Joy Tomatoes grow really well! What varieties of tomatoes do you like to grow?

Bren Haas I've never heard of this variety. I am trying a new Better Boy this year along with a Purple Zebra. I've got some really pretty mini-varieties just starting to flower on my Hydroponic set up indoors I'll have to share with you.

John Ehrling Please do!

Do you use plastic in your garden? I think there are many advantages to using plastic. Keeping the ground warm, while also reducing weeds.

Bren Haas straw works the same... breaks down nice too! I spread it on my large garden around a few plants and down the walkway to keep weeds out. The seeds do find their way through later in the summer but nothing I can't pull by hand even in this large bed. Just an idea that works for me.