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Who else struggles with this? 😂

Tomatoes in my greenhouse! How is everyone's spring planting coming along?

Happy Spring! [:healthystrawberry]

Bren Haas Happy Spring to you !!!! [:healthycarrot]


Esmeralda Aga too funny [:healthyavocado]

John Ehrling [:healthylettuce]

Yaniv These Gen-Z plants, I tell ya...

Lizzie thats a good one!

Bren Haas interesting way to look at the developement of plants!

George This is one tomato plant and is two years old, this February 2023.

Bren Haas Love the hoop house garden!

Garden World Are those bird house gourds

Caroline Yes they are!

Heather Stone Beautiful!! Do you deal with borers where you are?

George Yes either cut vines open and use a wire to kill caterpillars or use a biologic.

Bren Haas Good for you... I LOVE growing those gourds. I have a bunch I want to make into Christmas decorations.

Getting ready to ~spice~ things up

Lizzie Yum! What are you making?!

Caroline I pickled some and candied the rest 😃

I'm so excited to connect with other gardeners!! [:healthycarrot]

Bren Haas Great to connect with you Caroline.