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July is a month for patriotism. I plant what I call “Freedom” flowers, fruits, vegetables, and accessories that reflect our loyalty to “Old Glory”. :

John Ehrling Great article as always! Thanks for sharing.

M C. Lovely colour.

Live, Laugh, and eat a bowl full of cherries! Join Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian as she describes the beauty and bounty of the summer garden.

A weed may be a plant growing where we don’t want it, but my glorious flowers are covered by weeds and I’m determined to hand pull until I uncover my landscape!

John Ehrling Thanks for the article! Your blog is great!

Brooke I just read your blog and enjoyed it! I have a question— about the info regarding mosquitoes— can you clarify what you mean about emptying water bottles? And would the drops of bleach kill the mosquitos, but not harm the birdies if placed in the birdbaths, as mentioned?

Spring into action this spring with gardening tasks. Dig your fingers into the dirt and let your spirits soar!>

Embrace a more diverse and resilient ecosystem by planting a salad of natives and non-natives in your garden. Appreciate the differences. When the flowers bloom, the whole world appears!>

Despite continuing winter weather, our gardens are awakening. It’s almost time for spring. Respect the natural world with a few tips from the Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian.

Would you like to make Garden Goals for 2024? Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares strategies to plan and plant. Gardening is good for you. Gardening boosts morale, lowers your grocery bill, and is a free fitness center. Sprout a new year’s garden with hope, faith, and garden goals. A garden’s best crop is happiness. Plant some today.

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It's eco-optimism for the 2024 Garden Trends Report! There is good news and bad news! We'll focus on the positive!