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The weeds are ubiquitous this year and my fields are filled with gorgeous flowers. Mustard is 12 feet high. It means weeding by hand. A very slow, and tedious process on a mnii-farm. I'm using self-control.

My spring sojourn through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic has been a time of great beauty, wonder, and education. From delicate wildflowers to bold and bright flowering trees, these countries offered a stunning array of blooms, despite the wintery weather. Enjoy the photos, Wish you could smell the fragrances!

John Ehrling Beautiful! I hope you're enjoying your travels!

Do you feel the energy? Did you wake up one morning to witness most of the leaves on your deciduous trees unfurled? After our long, cold, rainy winter, the warmer weather you experience is a salve for your soul. Does your spirit soar when you say: “today is the day I will be digging in my garden?”

Kerri I have a flower bush that had white blooms on it that looked like cotton our dog tore it up and I want to buy another one but I don't know what it's called

As a garden communicator, I subscribe to a plethora of different catalogs, newsletters, and digital diaries, each one delivering a different perspective on how to design, create, and implement a cheerful landscape in any season. Reading garden catalogs brings me great pleasure. Most include a parade of pictures of plants in their prime. Here's a list of my favorite garden catalogs as well as photos of my plants. Happy Gardening!

John Ehrling Thanks for sharing!

Bren Haas Can't wait to check these out!

Cynthia Brian THANKS SOMUCH!!

John Ehrling Nice! I would love to see more photos from your flower garden.

Sarah So beautiful

If you live in California, it’s time to heavy prune your roses. Learn how to make nutritious and delicious stock from vegetable scraps with Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian

Mr Rose Roses are my thing. I absolutely adore growing them around my home. I'll check out your article!