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Healthy roots are critical indicators of the overall health and survival of plants, trees, and people! Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her legacy roots both in the garden and in life!

Brett Figueroa Beautiful picture!

John Ehrling Beautiful! Excellent growing!

We are living in a Barbie world. If Barbie was a gardener, what would she grow? Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, channels Barbie to create a pink paradise. Barbie Blooms!

Growing with kids is a rewarding and educational experience. As children nurture plants, they discover happiness, satisfaction, and a love for the natural world that will stay with them throughout their lives. Most of all, through gardening, they grow a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

To keep your summer garden blooming brighter, Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her expertise

When nature talks, do you know how to listen? Pay attention. Info

If you want to have a field of flowers, it’s necessary to remove the weeds. Weeds use the water, nutrients, and sunshine that your flowers need and may strangle, choke, or poison your wanted plants. Pull them up by the roots. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her experiences.

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The weeds are ubiquitous this year and my fields are filled with gorgeous flowers. Mustard is 12 feet high. It means weeding by hand. A very slow, and tedious process on a mnii-farm. I'm using self-control.

Donna G Have you ever tried woven weed fabric. It was a game changer for me. You have to be careful where you get it. I get mine from Growers Solutions and works great. Was disappointed with some I ordered off Amazon.

My spring sojourn through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic has been a time of great beauty, wonder, and education. From delicate wildflowers to bold and bright flowering trees, these countries offered a stunning array of blooms, despite the wintery weather. Enjoy the photos, Wish you could smell the fragrances!

John Ehrling Beautiful! I hope you're enjoying your travels!