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Hey Friends...any other Michigan gardeners here? Last year was the first time that I grew a few veggies in containers, and I was hooked. This year I was blessed with a small plot of land 70'x70' and I will be able to grow all the veggies until my heart is content. Is this s HUGE under taking, I believe so... but am I excited for the opportunity, you better believe it. I'm here for all the advice...remember, I'm a beginner gardener. 🙂

MaryBeth Hibbert Hi Sarah, I'm 75yrs and undertake two beds (20x24 & 20x20) plus a herb garden (10x6). If I can do it with getting over spinal surgery, I have faith that you'll be able to grow your dream garden. Good luck and never give up !!!

Terrissa Hi Sarah! Have you ever watched MIGardener on YouTube? Luke has wonderful advice and his videos are you usually short and to the point. And he's in Michigan so I'm sure it would be even more helpful for you. :)

John Ehrling There are collegiate resource here if you need help:

Jennifer Here in 6b southeast Michigan. 7th year gardener. Agree!!!!watch Luke, and buy his seed, never a germination problem. Grow things you love first, you love to eat and/or love to look at. I got caught up in growing everything my first year🙄. Welcome, I'm new here also, cant wait for spring🥦

John Ehrling Sounds like we need Luke from MIGardener to join this community so he can share his wisdom with everyone!