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Eneath's Botanicals

2023 was a flop. An unplanned move from our apartment home in Texas took us to the Ozarks, with our potential-packed garden left behind.

Now on our new property, we have a lot of work ahead of us as we get a lay of the land, in preperation for the 2024 grow season.

With hundreds of seed types to choose from, and the garden space of a lifetime, our aim is to have a grow season that's better than ever before.

May this coming year be bright, and our crops ever brighter. Happy growing everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!
With a new year comes a new season!
This year I'm expanding beyond hot pepper exclusivity. Let's see how well I manage herbs and leafy greens. 😎🤙

Bren I suggest tomatoes... there are alot of really great varieties out there.